Breaking Down the Types of Alcohol

For thousands of years, humans have been drinking alcohol. Alcohol can be both a chemical drug and a psychoactive drug. A hydroxyl group is a pair of hydrogen and oxygen atoms that replace the hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon to create alcohol. Secondary alcohols are created when alcohols bond with other atoms. These are the three main types of alcohol humans use every day: methanol (or isopropanol) and ethanol (or ethanol).

Ethanol is the only alcohol humans can safely consume. The other two types of alcohol are used for cleaning and manufacturing purposes only. They cannot be used to make drinks. Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, is used in the manufacture of fuel for cars and boats. It is also used in the manufacture of antifreeze, paint remover, and windshield wiper fluid. It is also known as isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol and is used for cleaning and disinfecting. Methanol and isopropanol is poisonous to humans, never comume them. Our bodies convert them into toxic substances, which can cause liver disease. Even a small amount can cause death from rubbing alcohol or methanol.

Distilled and Undistilled Alcohol 

There are two types of alcoholic beverages: undistilled and distilled. Undistilled beverages are also known as fermented drinks. Fermentation refers to the chemical conversion of sugar to ethanol by yeast or bacteria. Both wine and beer are fermented, undistilled alcoholic beverages. Wineries ferment grapes for wine, while breweries ferment barley, wheat, and other grains for beer.

Following fermentation, distillation is a process that produces alcohol. This process transforms fermented substances into ones with higher alcohol content. Distillation is a process that concentrates alcohol. It does this by separating it from water and other components. Distilled alcoholic beverages include liquors and spirits. They contain more alcohol per volume than undistilled beverages. A distilled alcoholic beverage will generally have higher alcohol content.

Alcohol by volume (ABV), and alcohol proof, are two measures of alcohol concentration. Alcohol by volume refers to the amount of ethanol per 100ml (or 3.4 fl.oz.). In a solution, alcohol proof is the alcohol percentage divided by 100 milliliters (or 3.4 fl.oz.). A drink with 50% ABV will have 100 proof.

Distilled Ethanol 

Distilled alcohol can be defined as fermented ethanol after it has been subject to a distillation process. This process increases the alcohol volume (ABV). Distillation is a process that separates alcohol from fermented beverages to make them more concentrated. The alcohol content of distilled drinks is usually between 20% and 70% ABV. It is possible to distill spirits up to 95%, but most drinks are around 40% ABV. Vodka and brandy are among the most well-known distilled beverages. To make distilled drinks more digestible, you might need to mix them with water, soft drinks, or fruit juices due to their high alcohol content. This category is where you find other beverages such as liquors, liqueurs, spirits, and such. They tend to be applied more when the user needs a greater supply of alcoholic content. Vodka like blue rhino liqueur uses herbs and spices in the alcohol making it taste better.

Undistilled Ethanol 

Undistilled alcohol or fermented alcohol is only produced by fermentation and is not refined or clarified. There are many types of undistilled alcohol drinks, but beer, wine, and cider are the most common. The main differences are in the type of yeast used to ferment them and the fruit or crop used as the base. Variations in soil composition and weather can cause slight changes in the drink’s flavor. Except for external modifications, fermented beverages should not contain more than 15% alcohol per volume.

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