10 easy steps when applying Osmo floor oil to your wooden floors

It’s been a whirlwind couple of years after meeting a wonderful lady who was working in the UK. A quickly blossoming romance has seen you follow her to NSW where you managed to get a transfer through work.

It’s caused a huge transformation in your life, including buying an apartment, where you immediately encompass something new. It has wooden floors rather than the carpets of back home. They need some maintenance, but that’s no problem after discovering Osmo floor oil, which you then research how to apply it in 10 easy steps.

  1. You gave the floor a thorough sanding and brush, before removing any dust and debris which was also repeated around the skirting board.
  2. There were many different varieties of the product available from an expert company with their own showroom, but who also offered a delivery surface. You started off with one that was proven to be a perfect recommendation on a small test area so that you could determine drying times and if it provided the desired effect.
  3. There was no need for any thinning as the environmentally friendly oil was ready for immediate use, formulated with the best natural oils and waxes.
  4. Using a fine bristle brush, you applied a little oil at a time, brushing evenly as a perfect finish for light-coloured species of wood was achieved with the natural grain and colour coming to the fore.
  5. Starting at the furthest point from the door, so you weren’t stuck in a corner waiting for it to dry, you brushed outwards along the grain of the wood.
  6. Once the first coat was finished, you let it dry for ten hours before resuming the following day.
  7. The same job was repeated as the second coat added further protection. Once completed the floor became resistant to coffee, tea, wine, fruit juice, and water stains.
  8. Cleaning the brushes was done by using the special Osmo cleaner.
  9. The perfect cleaning materials which are formulated with plant-based soaps, meaning further good for the planet, were also bought meaning that the floor remains in excellent condition.
  10. Occasionally, a small application of the oil may be required to repair natural wear and tear.

The strong wooden and durable floor, which has excellent air quality is now the perfect surface for your beautiful apartment as every day continues to be a school day in your new life.

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