5 Must-See Attractions on Central Coast

Central Coast is a region of NSW that is a favourite with domestic and foreign tourists alike, and if you are planning to spend some time there, we have a few must-see attractions to include in your itinerary.

  1. The Australian Reptile Park – This home to a large number of reptile species, which include saltwater and freshwater crocs, many species of snake, lizards and the celebrity Galapagos Tortoise named Hugo. If you’re driving from Sydney, you can’t miss the entrance as there is a huge, bright yellow concrete dinosaur guarding the main park entrance. Worth spending a day, and if you book online, there are great family deals.
  2. Gosford Classic Car Museum – Local property developer Tony Denny has always had a love for fine classic cars, and his entire collection of 450 cars includes 35 Ferraris, and the complete Holden collection that spans 30 years. The collection is worth more than $70 million and the setting is an attractive backdrop in which to display these unique classic cars. On the way back, have a local coffee at a café on the Central Coast road, where they are some spectacular views and tasty snacks.
  3. Pelican Plaza – Most definitely the pelican capital in Australia, and every day at 3pm, they feed these graceful birds with fish, so make sure you take your camera. There are many attractive bungalows for holiday accommodation, and if you are looking for a good base to tour Central Coast, the Penguin Plaza would be ideal.
  4. Nora Head Lighthouse – Pure white and aside from the addition of electricity, the lighthouse is unchanged since its construction in 1903, and you can book a tour with a local guide. The views from the top is certainly worth the effort, then you can walk along Soldiers Beach and experience the natural beauty of this coastline. A great place for romantics to see the sunset, and a favourite for early morning joggers.
  5. Six Strings Brewery – This is the first 100% home-grown microbrewery in the Central Coast, and you can enjoy their liquid gold, alongside Cajun style food and attractive surroundings. This is a beer drinker’s paradise, plus you can buy takeaways on the way out. As you would expect from the name, there is live music at this venue.

When planning a holiday in the Central Coast region, the Internet has a wealth of information on great places of interest, which will help you to plan the perfect holiday.

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