Everything You Want to Learn About the Different Types of German Beer

Almost everyone knows that Germans are fond of drinking beer. You can gauge the craze for beers among Americans by looking at the exemplary seven thousand varieties of beers produced in 1300 breweries in Germany.

All through the country, Germany beer is enjoyed several times a day and on festive occasions with meals and salted pretzels. Let us know more about the different popular types of German beer in detail.


Pilsner Beer is considered to be an upscale and classy beer. Due to carbonation and high pressure, it takes about seven minutes for fresh pilsner to pour from the tap into the stylish long neck glass called “pilsner glass”.

Pilsner was introduced in around 1842 in the Pilsner town, the Czech Republic by German brewmaster Josef Groll. This beer contains about 4.0 to 5.2% of alcohol. It is light in color, distinctly bitter, bottom-fermented, aromatic beer with a ‘hoppy’ note.

Prost brewing is a leading supplier of some of the best types of German style dark lager such as Pilsner, and Dunkel. Other types of beers include Weissbier (a Bavarian Style Wheat Ale), and Kolsch (a Koln style Classic Ale).

Dunkles Lager

German Lager Beer Dark and Light is viewed to be a working-class of beer that has originated in Dortmund, and Munich. It is usually served in large and steins glasses, in intimate pubs, and in beer halls. It has about 4.5 of alcohol. It is light to dark in color, less bitter in taste and bottom-fermented beer with pronounced malt note.

Altbier and Kölsch

Altbier and Kölsch are two different types of beers that are intimately linked to the Düsseldorf, and Köln/Cologne cities. This beer is made from malt that contains about 4.8% of alcohol. It has smooth finish, top-fermented with balanced flavor. It is served in narrow and cylindrical glasses

Both Alt and Kolsch are set down and refilled in minutes. Where Kolsch is manufactured from light malt, Altbier is manufactured from dark roasted malt due to which it tastes bitterer.

Export Lager

Export Lager beer is made from the malt that contains more than 5% of alcohol. It is bottom-fermented with 12% to 14% of malt.  Beck’s Beer from Bremen was originated in 1876 and became popular worldwide as the top supplier of Export Lager beer.


If you ever get a chance to enjoy German beer, then don’t miss to try them.

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