How to Protect Yourself when Buying a Home Brew Kit Online

Home brew kits are becoming more and more popular as consumers take interest in home brews and making their own beer. These kits allow homeowners to start making beer without the need for a complex operation. There are lots of different kits online and anyone can learn how to brew their own product with ease.

If you do decide to buy a home brew kit online, do these things to ensure you protect yourself from substandard products or scams.

Ask Friends or Family

One way of finding a good home brew kit supplier is to ask friends, family, or anyone you know who has an interest in home brewing. There are lots of home brew kits online for sale but not all of them are legitimate products. The only way you will know is if you order with them and see what you are sent. If you know anyone who has bought a kit online, find out where they got it and see if they were happy with their order.

Authentic Sites

Many people are now buying off social media ads and posts. They go from an advertisement to a site without checking for authenticity. Scammers are good at hiding their true identity and they can make a site look as legitimate as any other. When buying a home brewers kit online, look for any red flags that indicate the site is not what it seems.

Triple check the URL for any inconsistencies, such as:

  • Typo in the name
  • Having a number instead of a letter
  • Missing a vowel or double characters

Make sure the website is authentic before you purchase any home brewing products.

Read Reviews

Another easy way to find out if a site is legitimate or not is to read the reviews on social media and online. Phony sites are increasingly filling their content with good quality pictures and content. To the average internet user, the websites look legit. Do some research on the site and see what others have to say. But remember that some reviews can be doctored or deleted to suit a narrative.

In addition to the points mentioned above, avoid using a debit card when making a purchase. This opens your entire bank account up to criminals. If the deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. To avoid being scammed when buying a brewing kit online, get personal recommendations and read reviews.

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