James Feldkamp Shares Favorite Highlights From Glossary of Wine Terminology

Author, retired naval officer, and wine connoisseur James Feldkamp delves into the field’s sea of terminology to share just a handful of his favorite wine tasting expressions.

From abboccato, meaning full-bodied and medium-sweet, to zymology, the science of fermentation, wine terminology is as colorful as it is intriguing. A retired naval officer and wine connoisseur, author James Feldkamp takes a closer look at several of his favorite expressions from the world of wine tasting.

“I love many of the terms and definitions used in wine tasting,” reveals James Feldkamp, speaking from his home in Arlington County, Virginia, “as well as across the wider wine industry.”

James Feldkamp first turns to the Italian word for semi-sparkling. “Frizzante,” says the author and wine connoisseur, “is a wonderful Italian term that refers to the frothy mouthfeel of semi-sparkling wine varieties.”

“I love the term crémant, too,” suggests James Feldkamp, this time turning to a French definition. According to Feldkamp, crémant refers to French sparkling wines hailing from the Loire Valley, Alsace, Burgundy, and elsewhere, distinct from champagnes which must be produced in the historic province in the northeast of France which gives the tipple its name.

Third among James Feldkamp’s favorite pieces of wine terminology is liquoreux, he says. “Again, hailing from France, liquoreux refers to a liqueur-like quality most commonly seen in dessert wine varieties,” James explains, “with a most luscious quality.”

James Feldkamp’s final two highlighted phrases are, meanwhile, Master of Wine, a qualification conferred by The Institute of Masters of Wine in the United Kingdom, and oenophile. “Oenophile,” Feldkamp says, “is simply another term for a wine connoisseur or aficionado, and comes from the word oenology, which is the particular study of wine and winemaking.”

A retired naval officer, James Feldkamp is also a widely respected cybersecurity expert with more than 30 years of experience under his belt. A subject matter expert at Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown University, former adjunct professor Feldkamp has previously taught undergraduate courses in domestic and international terrorism. In his spare time, his main hobbies and interests include wine tasting, travel, and sailing.

James Feldkamp has spoken extensively on the topic of wine recently, including exploring the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on the world’s vineyards, examining explosive growth in natural wine production, and revealing a number of leading 2020 wine trends. Passionate about travel, Feldkamp has also delved into some of the world’s best sailing destinations and recently explored the top travel destinations forecast for 2021.

Focused more on his work, meanwhile, earlier this year, James Feldkamp reflected on three decades of professional success and revealed what it takes to succeed as a standout editor in today’s market. In addition to teaching and cybersecurity, James Feldkamp is well known for his enrichment speeches and has now both lectured and delivered talks across Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean on topics ranging from naval history to the rise of the Vikings in Scandinavia.

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