Necessary Documentation for Filling Liquor License Application in Florida

Customers visit restaurants to enjoy their food. They also order alcoholic beverages to accompany their food. Sometimes they order more than once the drink which they like the most. So, the drinking and dining restaurants in Florida must renew their liquor licenses before the expiry date. It is a legal requirement that needs to be completed.

Beverage License Specialists can assist you to buy a liquor license Miami. The process to get the license is handled with expertise. Its team works hard so that you do not have to face difficulties in getting the same. To get a permit to serve alcohol in your restaurant there are certain requirements, many documents are required so that your liquor license application is approved.

Application Forms

The liquor permit application forms can be downloaded by visiting the DBPR’s (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) website. All the information needs to be filled correctly, for opening a new restaurant.

You have to apply for the liquor license. If you have taken over the restaurant which is already present, you can proceed further so that the liquor license is transferred to you.

A Food Service Plan Review

This will be deposited by owners of new restaurants, remodeled ones, restaurants that are reopened and those which are converted from another use. These documents are required to be deposited to the DBPR for approval.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

You must get an Employer Identification Number. It is the requirement that needs to be submitted to get the liquor license.

An Inspection Report

All the restaurants have to pass through a safety and sanitation check before a restaurant is opened in Florida. You have to fix an inspection with the DBPR. It will give you an inspection certificate. This gives permission to open the restaurant because all the essential requirements for safety and sanitation are already assessed by DBPR.

Sales Tax Registration

Before you open your restaurant ensure that you get the sales tax registration number given by the Revenue Department.

License Fees

The license fee is required to be paid. It is based on food service you are giving to customers and the number of seats available in your restaurant.


After fulfilling all these criteria, you can start the process of applying for a liquor license or renewal of the same. It helps you in moving ahead smoothly in your restaurant business, without any obstacles.

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