Refrigeration System in Wine Cellar Needs Regular Servicing From Spoiling Wine

Wine lovers would love t have a wine cellar at home. It is a hobby to collect different wines and display them in different categories with style. It is expensive to set up a wine cellar because refrigeration system used in wine is expensive. Refrigeration of wine cellar is important to prevent wine from getting unpleasant and sour. Wine is expensive, therefore, the moment the bottle is open, it needs extra care to retain its flavor and aroma.

For few bottles, a refrigerator is perfect storage option, but for those who have huge collection of wines, a wine cellar’s the best option. Wine continues to prepare even after they are packed in a bottle. Hence they need proper temperature to mature at right rate and preserve for a longer time. The proper temperature of the cellar should be 55F to 58F with 70-degree humidity in the surrounding. If this temperature isn’t maintained, then you need a cooling unit.

Scottsdale city in Arizona, US has an arid climate summers are very hot and winters are mild cold. The highest temperature in summer has been recorded to 50 degrees Celsius while in winter it is -8.9 degree Celsius. The city is known for nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and bars. Every high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs, and bars have to store good quality of wine, beer, and expensive alcohol.

If you ever need to install a new refrigeration system or search for wine cellar repair in Scottsdale, then try AccuTemp. They handle refrigeration as well as air conditioning of residential and commercial areas. They are in business in Phoenix, Arizona since 1981, and therefore assure you professional service along with proper warranty of every part.

Refrigerating system is the main section that is installed in any wine cellar as it helps in keeping all wines in good taste. If the refrigeration system breaks down, then the entire cellar will vacillate and all wine will be spoiled.

Therefore, here are few things that you need to keep in mind when you plan to organize a wine cellar-

  • Refrigeration system for wine cellar is not like just any air conditioner, but it’s built precisely to maintain a desired temperature and humidity in a room forever. Don’t compromise with price if you’re buying on because wrong cooling unit can spoil your vintage collection.
  • Every refrigeration system needs proper servicing to let them function properly all year. Servicing will clean drain pipes, remove dirt and repair any minor defects that lead to major faults.

If you stay in a area where there is dirt or unpredictable weather, then it is wise to get the cooling unit serviced frequently and not just once a year. Most owners don’t realize, but dirt can reduce the efficiency of the cooling unit.  A true wine lover inculcates lot of effort in collecting vintage wine. If you want a wine cellar at home, it cannot start without proper cooling system. Therefore, think wisely before investing huge sum of money.

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