The Best Apps to Organize Your Move

Moving can be a daunting task, but with the right apps, you can streamline the process and stay organized. Here’s a detailed guide to some of the best apps available to help you organize every aspect of your move.

Moving Planner by Moving Guru

Moving Planner by Moving Guru is a comprehensive app designed to help you plan and organize every detail of your move. It allows you to create customizable checklists, track tasks, and set reminders for important moving-related activities. The app also provides moving tips and suggestions based on your moving timeline.


Sortly is a versatile app that helps you create detailed visual inventories of your belongings. You can categorize items by room, add photos and descriptions, and even print QR code labels for boxes. This makes it easy to keep track of everything you’re moving and quickly locate items when unpacking at your new home.


MagicPlan is an app that lets you create floor plans of your new home using augmented reality (AR) technology. You can measure rooms, arrange furniture virtually, and visualize how your belongings will fit in your new space. This helps you plan the layout ahead of time and make informed decisions about what to bring and where to place it.


MoveAdvisor is a handy app that provides personalized moving timelines, checklists, and tips based on your specific moving details. It helps you stay on track with tasks like changing your address, transferring utilities, and scheduling moving services. The app also offers advice on packing, organizing, and settling into your new home.


TaskRabbit connects you with local service providers who can assist with various moving-related tasks. Whether you need help packing boxes, assembling furniture, or even cleaning your old or new home, TaskRabbit allows you to hire reliable professionals for specific moving tasks, saving you time and effort.


Nextdoor is a neighborhood-focused social networking app that can be invaluable during a move. You can use it to connect with neighbors in your new area, ask for recommendations on local services like movers or handymen, and stay informed about community events and resources. It’s a great way to quickly integrate into your new neighborhood.


Thumbtack helps you find and hire local professionals for a wide range of services, including moving companies, cleaning services, and home improvement projects. You can compare quotes, read reviews, and book services directly through the app, making it easier to find reliable help for your move.


Zillow isn’t just for buying or renting homes—it’s also a useful tool for planning your move. You can use the app to browse real estate listings, explore neighborhoods, and estimate property values. It’s a great resource for researching your new area and finding information about local schools, amenities, and transportation options.

Google Maps

Google Maps is essential for navigating your way to your new home and exploring your new neighborhood. Use it to plan your route for moving day, find nearby services like grocery stores and restaurants, and get real-time traffic updates to avoid delays. You can also use Street View to preview your new neighborhood before you arrive.


Evernote is a versatile note-taking app that can help you keep track of important moving-related information. You can create checklists, save contact information for movers and utilities, store scanned documents like lease agreements or moving contracts, and even collaborate with family members or roommates on shared moving plans.


These apps are designed to simplify every aspect of your move, from planning and organizing to settling into your new home. By leveraging technology, you can reduce stress, stay organized, and ensure a smoother transition to your new living space. Whether you need help with packing, finding local services, or planning your new home layout, these apps have you covered.

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