Things to Consider While Choosing A Wine Fridge

For collectors choosing and purchasing wines, personal taste is a thrilling process. However, even so, the wines can maintain its quality for decades and centuries. You spend thousands on wine bottles, so storing them needs to be accurate because poor storage can degrade the quality. Storing them correctly ensures quality and increases in value even after centuries.

Wine cellars were there in grand country houses, where wine bottles were stored at correct humidity and temperature. In this age, many homeowners don’t have such facilities but specially designed wine fridge is the solution for every collector.

On meselectros, homeowners in Quebec can check different styles of wine fridge from a reputable brand like FrigidaireThey range from small countertop models to large free-standing units suitable to store multiple bottles. A wine fridge is intended to store wine at the correct temperature and humidity. It replicates the cool damp wine cellar conditions.

Why can’t you store wine in a domestic fridge?

The domestic refrigerator has three main issues –

  • It is too cold for storing wine over a week.
  • Humidity is incorrect and the change in temperature depends on its usage and items stored inside.
  • As items with different flavors and strong smell get stored inside the wine can get contaminated.

It is fine to store wine for less than a week. However, the fridge specially designed to store wine is a great option because you store only wine bottles in them.

Things to consider while choosing a wine fridge


  • Freestanding style can be positioned easily in available spaces or it can be proudly displayed in the middle of a restaurant or lounge.
  • A counter-top fridge can be placed virtually anywhere.
  • A built-in or integrated fridge is customized according to the space requirements.

Multiple temperature zones 

If you plan to store wines of different types or serve wine directly from the fridge then you will need multiple temperature zones. It offers more flexibility in the ways to use the fridge. You will also not need a separate wine cooler.


Vibration unsettles wine sediments. So, with the anti-vibration system, the wine stored in the fridge remains undisturbed.


If you position the fridge beside the dining table then the noise is an issue and if it is installed in the utility room there is no problem.

Humidity control

If you store multiple wine bottles worth thousands then invest in high-end wine fridge because they are designed to control humidity. They come with a significant price tag but protect your investment!

Tinted glass, sliding shelves, and LED lights are some of the other aspects to look for in a wine fridge.

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