3 Tips for Simplifying Your Cooking Routine 

Whether you’re over the age of 80 cooking only for yourself, or you’re a young mother of five under the age of 30, cooking time is not always everyone’s favorite activity. In fact, for some people, it can be a downright nightmare. There’s a lot of planning that goes into making recipes, not to mention the shopping, the actual cooking, and cleaning up afterward. 

This can be a real headache for people who don’t exactly love cooking. What if we were to tell you that there are ways to make cooking time much simpler and faster? All it takes are some of the right tips and of course, some essential tools. To help, here are some of the best tips to streamline the entire cooking process and simplify your routine.

Plan In Advance

A little planning goes a long way in life, particularly when it comes to your food routine. The good news is planning doesn’t have to take you hours, or even longer than 15 minutes. Carve out a little time once a week, and plan out what you want to eat. Consider all sorts of factors, like how much time you’ll have to actually have to make the meal, how many ingredients you already have to work with, and of course, what you’ll actually enjoy. 

If possible, consider batch-cooking a portion of the meal.  In other words, cook a large portion of ingredients you might use several times during the week, like rice or pasta. Prepping these items in advance can significantly cut down on your cooking time when it’s time to whip up dinner quickly.

Keep it Simple

Before you’re tempted to try out an overly complex recipe that involves multiple steps, and complicated ingredients, try reeling it in a little bit. Why overdo yourself when you could keep things simple? Half of the battle of cooking is the complexity of it all. So do yourself a favor and choose recipes that are simple and straightforward.  

Try to find recipes that have ingredients you already have. While you’re at it, try to choose recipes that have more than four or five ingredients. Anything over that, and you may find yourself scrambling and unequipped.

Organize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is as complicated as you organize it. Make sure that everything is within reach, and in a straightforward and practical way. If you have to reach in multiple drawers, or dig through cupboards to find your ingredients and tools, then you’re only adding more time and steps to your routine. Simplicity is your best friend when it comes to cooking, so organize your kitchen in a way that promotes efficiency. While you’re at it, declutter everything so only what you need frequently is on the counters.

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