Some Excellent Condiments To Try On Your Burger At Your Next Barbeque

Many people will stick to the same condiments when eating burgers and fries, but there are lots of delicious sauces you may want to try. Selecting the perfect sauce for your burger can help make it much more enjoyable, and you can even combine them to create a unique taste. Below are some of the most popular condiments people add to their burgers when having a barbeque this summer that will have your mouth watering and tastebuds exploding with flavour.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a staple worldwide and is added to many types of foods, and it is a condiment usually present at any barbeque you attend. The sauce originated in Asia and was most likely taken back to western countries by the British. There are international brands of the sauce, and most countries will have a company making a variation of a tomato sauce you can enjoy on your burger.


Another popular condiment added to burgers worldwide is mayonnaise, and it is also common in Europe for people to have this on their fries. You will usually find that people will add mayonnaise to their burger along with another sauce, putting the mayonnaise on the salad they have on their burger.

Sriracha Sauce

If you are looking for some heat on your burger, you may want to try sriracha hot chilli sauce, which can add a kick to any barbeque. The Sriracha hot chilli sauce originated in Thailand and has become a firm favourite around the globe with people who like a bit of heat on their food. There are many variations of this type of sauce available, with some packing more of a punch than others, and there is one to suit most tastebuds.

BBQ Sauce

Another popular condiment you can add to your burger is BBQ sauce, a sauce made especially for barbeques. BBQ sauce is often used as a marinade for meat, and the meat absorbs the flavours before you put it on the grill. However, it can also be used as a condiment for your food. You will see many people dipping their fries in it or putting BBQ sauce on their burgers to give it more taste.

Peri Peri Sauce

Peri Peri sauce comes from Mozambique in Africa and has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It is a sauce predominantly used for chicken, but you can use it on other meats if you prefer. Once you try this delicious spicy sauce it will most likely become a stale in your condiment cupboard, and you will use it on all sorts of foods.

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